Accident At Work Claim

Graham M Riley & Co Solicitors Ltd are specialists in handling accident at work claims and have experience in compensation claims for almost every type of work place.

Could you Have A Claim?

Accidents at work can include a wide range of incidents from slips and trips to repetitive injuries. Below are some examples of typical accidents at work:

Injuries caused by defective machinery

  • Slips or trips on debris or surfaces
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Exposure to violent attacks by patients or customers
  • Skeletal disorders caused by heavy lifting, bending and twisting, repetitive actions etc.

At Risk Occupations

Obviously an accident can happen in any role, be it in the office or a factory but some occupations in particular are prone to accidents and injures. Construction is probably the most accident prone industry today, with over 2,800 people killed in the last 25 years in the UK. Typical injuries in this profession include falling through fragile roofs, being struck by machinery and slipping on treacherous surfaces. As in all professions the employer has a duty of care to prevent this happening, through health and safely measures, if the employer has been negligible in their health and safely precautions then claims can be made for compensation.

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